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Top 6 Places to Visit near Pawna Lake

Pawna lake is one of the famous tourist spots in Maharashtra. It is famous not only for the best view but additionally because of a few ancient close-by locations. Below is a listing of the top six spots to go to around Pawna lake thrill camping.

Make the most of it!

Well! There are 6 locations which are the most famous locations around Pawna lake. You can’t go to all locations on a single day. So you need to pick any of them as in line with your interest. So we could create a memory! A primary issue is that you need to consist of the best spots and a few locations. We have excluded a few locations from the large listing to help you with the top 6 locations.

Lohagad is a part of the western ghats, built on a beautiful hill about 50 km from Pune. It rises to the height of 3389 feet from the ocean level. And it is far positioned in the Southwest of the most important Visapur Fort. Lohagad overlooks the Pawna lake camping, positioned to the south of the mountain. Lohagad has an extended record with dynasties occupying it at dist

inctive periods...


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