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Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Royal Pawna Lake Camping Is A Must for Families and Couples pawna camping / By admin / February 9, 2021

As the lockdown has eased off a little, we have been given permission to travel across the country. All those with wanderlust must have started making travelling plans to tick off destinations of their bucket list. Camping must be on almost every traveller’s bucket list and if you have missed a chance to do it in 2020, you can fulfil your wish in the New Year. Pawna lake camping has re-opened for visitors. We know you have faced a long lock down and now you want to breathe in some fresh air. Some people survived the lock down all by themselves and for those Pawna Lake camping is a great option. It is a cool outdoor activity/short trip to take your family or partner to. We all know how great camping is and why everyone must go for camping near Mumbai at least once. This article will explore the importance of going on camping with family or spouse. Needless to say camping is one such activity that helps you bond with your loved ones. However, it has other benefits to offer to. Let’s get started to learn more about it. Why would you go to Pawna Lake camping with family? As mentioned earlier, we all have survived long lock down period. And honestly, being locked within a house was no fun irrespective of whether you were with your family or not. We all need a break and there wouldn’t be a nicer break than being in nature gain, inhaling fresh air and getting soaked in sunlight. Camping near Pune gives you this opportunity to get bonded with your family gain. You need to find the one that meets your requirements and you are good to go. The benefits are numerous when you go for Pawna Lake camping with family. Alongside being with your family post lock down, being in nature and getting connected to it whilst getting more close to your family is a different feeling altogether. Also, family camping brings in a sense of security in more enhanced manner. You get to know your family member in a different light. Speaking of light, wouldn’t it be nice to get some sunlight (for extra vitamin D dose) while you enjoy serene view of Pawna Lake. How does Pawna Lake camping help you deepen the bind with your partner? Camping near Mumbai is one great activity for couples. When they stay in tents close to nature, and away from technological disturbance, they ultimately grow close to each other. Pawna Lake camping is not less than a therapy for couples especially after this lock down to teach them to trust each other more and to be grateful for each day granted to them to be with one another. Couples might have taken their relationship for granted or they may not have gotten time to nourish their bond. Now is the time and opportunity to do everything they can do.

Precautions one has to follow at Pawna Lake camping especially amidst Covid-19

Whether it’s with family or partner, if you are planning to go for Pawna Lake, you must follow certain safety rules or precautions which will keep you safe amidst Covid-19 pandemic and also reduces your risk of getting infected.

  1. Always wear your mask. Do not exchange masks with your family members or partner.

  2. Carry extra masks. We also keep a stock of masks in case of need.

  3. Carry a bottle of sanitizer and keep sanitizing your hands frequently.

  4. Please maintain social distancing. Do not overcrowd a place especially at the time of barbeque and dinner/breakfast time.

  5. Please inform us if you have been infected by corona virus before or if you may had flu like symptoms.

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