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Pawana camping

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Pawna lake camping near pawna dam

Pawna Lake is a popular destination and camping spot in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Tourists from every part of the country along with the locals – from Mumbai and Pune – enjoy visiting the place to bask in its serene beauty. But what makes Pawna Lake popular – other than the nearby historic sites – is the overnight camping experience. Adventure enthusiasts love spending the night under the starry, beautiful sky. Without any doubt, Pawna Lake camping is everything an outdoor or adventure enthusiast dreams or hopes for when they think about any wild and exciting undertaking. It is perhaps one of the ideal getaway spots that anyone who needs a break from city life can visit. And those who visit also engage in several open-sky activities such as canoeing in the Lake, boating, and paragliding, exploring historical sites, or just enjoying the sunset

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