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There’s a new way to stay in a Pawna lake: pawna lake camping for book my pawna.

For many of us, working in lengthy shifts with a heavy burden of stress hovering over our heads has become a way of life. Sometimes, it gets unbearable. There is a need for a brief escape to recharge. Intuitively, you seek the help of our good old search engines to search for camping near Mumbai and Pune. What follows is a confusing task to choose a reliable option that will be worthy of your money and time. That is where ‘Pawna Lake Camping’ comes in.

Pawna Lake Camping is situated in the heart of the Sahyadri mountain range. The perfect place to experience the warm and soothing embrace of Mother Nature. When you reach our camping sites with a short ride from Lonavla, you are welcomed with a breathtaking view of Pawna Lake as it rests ever so gracefully in the valley surrounded by majestic mountains. This location offers many opportunities for exploration. The historic forts like Tung, Tikona, Lohagad and Visapur standing in the glory waiting to tell you their stories. Beautiful forests and meadows begging to be explored. Bold mountain trails want to lead you on adventures.

At the centre of all this, We stand ready to help you multiply the fun a thousandfold. Our various camping sites offer the best quality camping services with sturdy and spacious tents, fine dining and Barbeque, bonfires, sports activities, common utilities and free parking. The fun begins with your arrival at the campsite. After some light snacking, you can enjoy sports activities with your family and friends. Later, you are presented with the BBQ time with both veg and non-veg options. Then come the music and dancing. When the hunger starts overpowering the fun, you can enjoy the unlimited veg/non-veg dinner. After spending some peaceful time surrounding a campfire, you can sleep in a spacious tent. 

Getting up in the morning, you are rewarded with the magic of Mother Nature in the form of a beautiful sunrise. Following breakfast, we commence the photo session. In the end, you checkout with a relaxed and satisfied mind, and precious memories. We boast thousands of happy satisfied customers, who have unanimously awarded us the title of ‘The Best Organizers of Pawna Lake Camping’.


Communication and entertainment:

Comfort and security:


  • Free Parking

  • Tent Stay

  • shearing tent facility

  • Dinner Veg & Non Veg

  • BBQ Veg & Nonveg

  • Games Activity

  • Music

  • Live Music Special Day

  • Sunset pawna point

  • pakoda & hot tea

  • Breakfast 

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